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Friday, November 30, 2012

F5 button to refresh on Mac OS X Google Chrome

Hi folks! I've moved to MAC OS, and as everything else in this life we take some time to adapter. So, I'm so used of press F5 to refresh my pages and with MAC we have to use the CTRL+R. NOT DEAL. 

I found a workaround for that. Under the System Preferences, you can set your own keyboard shortcuts specific to an application. I managed to get F5 working this way in Safari and now in Chrome: 

1. Launch "System Preferences" 
2. Click the "Keyboard & Mouse" icon 
3. Select "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab 
4. Hit the little "+" button under the main white area 
5. In the little pup-up window select "Google Chrome" as the Application 
6. Type in "Reload This Page" in the "Menu Title" field exactly as it appears in the Chrome's View menu (no quotes of course) 
7. Click inside the "Keyboard Shortcut" field and hit F5 key (or any desired combination) 
8. Restart Chrome to make it work 

Hope this helps! Let me know if worked for you guys. 


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